Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guest Bathroom Status

by Wendy White
While painting theater scenery and sets, I was encouraged by my sister-in-law Wendy White, an amazing artist in Vail,Colorado to try some acrylic pieces, painting with just a palate knife. She is such an inspiration to me and so gifted. Wendy's work can be seen at . She gave me this painting to the right in 2005 titled, "Guidance" inspired by Isaiah 58:11.  On the back she wrote, "And the Lord will continually guide you...And you will be like a watered garden, like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."  It is hanging  on the first wall you see when you enter my house, in my living room.

My first attempt at this type of painting was the Mary Did You Know painting posted previously (2 days back).  I tried making the lines come onto the canvas from one direction, do something or become part of the picture, and go off in another.  I liked the style, and splattering and layering the colors was a lot of fun. I wasn't happy with the composition though, and the small mistakes began to really bother me.  If you look at it long enough, you will see the crooked lines and maybe notice some things wrong with it, and maybe you won't, but the problems I saw with the lines really nagged at me.  I went ahead and hung it up in my guest bathroom, but knew someday I would need to go back and fix it.

My guest bathroom is the room in my house where I hang paintings that I am not really thrilled about.  You will never see one of Wendy's paintings in there, that's for sure. Those walls are reserved for pieces I don't want to look at every day. A painting with guest bathroom status is kind of like a "time out" for art work.  If you ever come to visit, and need to use the bathroom, you'll have to look at them while you are in there...and I'm so sorry.  Right now there are 3 paintings hanging in there that have been demoted to the walls of the guest bathroom, and their future is very uncertain.  Anyway, Mary Did You Know hung in there for about a year or more. One day I was so frustrated with a few things I kept noticing in the painting, that I just painted over the entire thing! Yes, I did, and now it's gone forever except for the photo of it.

I began to wonder if I should just stick to painting scenery.