Monday, August 22, 2011

1000 Gifts 361-380

 (Family Vacation)
361) Visiting my Dad in Minnesota
362) Seeing my kids chat with their grandpa
363) Two sunny, sparkling days in Duluth
364) Lunch with Dad at the top of the Radison and ice cream at Portmans!
365) The nicest man working at the awesome Schlotzkys downtown Duluth
366) Playing in the sand at Park Point 
367) Wading in Lake Superior... the water was so cold it made our feet numb
368) Peddling a 4 person surrey Lake Superior Canal Park 
369) Watching a boat come in
370) Sounds of seaguls
371) Skipping rocks 

372) Remembering summer days spend there with my mom and sister 
373) Gooseberry Falls hike
374) Going to the cabin in Cable, Wisconsin nestled in a circle of 50 foot tall pine trees.
375) Reuniting with cousins
376) Belly Laughter around the dining table
377) Seeing my kids play with cousins and making them friends
378) There is something so comforting and familiar about being around people who have known you since you were small.
Milking the last drops out of the summer with the Wisconsin side of the family...Doing a scavenger hunt, Pinecone Pete story, Big Foot, Keep A Way, Kick ball refereed by Duke, Toy airplanes and The hammock, Delicious food, Poolside chats...all memories made for keeps

380) The four beautiful deer bidding us goodbye as we drove away the last morning.