The Story of Paint On My Walls ...

My art is a celebration of color, light and life.  I know my creativity comes from God, giver of life and light, creator of the world. He has lead me on an artistic journey exploring my deep creative roots using mixed media, collage, acrylic and oil paint.  I am most inspired by nature, connections and the Bible. 

In Genesis 1:27 the Bible says 27God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 

When I  read this verse I find inspiration.  If God, the Creator of all things, created man in His image, would not we also be creative beings?  No other living things were created in God's image,  just us.   It believe this is what separates us, as mankind, from the entire realm of nature and the animal kingdom.  We alone were created in God's image,  and we are His artists.

This blog is a visual diary documenting my artistic journey and it all started when my daughter got a part in a play.  In 2006 when  when the Actors Conservatory Theater  in Lewisville needed a set artist, I began painting their scenery and sets.  I found I had a natural ability to bring the stage to life with each new scene... Covering walls 12x 45 feet by the opening night deadline was excellent training for me and extremely rewarding. 

In 2008, I moved to large canvases mostly with acrylic paint.  I liked using a palate knife, sometimes hitting the canvas very forcefully which was extremely messy.  My walls were covered with little specks of paint and I started my blog. 

I began by exploring  the use of stained glass imagery to bring Parables and Biblical events to life on canvas. Many of my acrylic pieces from these years were inspired by the beautiful colors in the stained glass windows I remember from the church we attended as a child. 

During this time I completed an 11 banner series illustrating Parables for Crossroads Bible Church. I also became a member of the Visual Art League in Lewisville, taking classes, participating in workshops and  art shows and learning from experienced artists in the community.  

In 2012 I found my true painting love... using palate knives with oils.  I studied Oil painting with Dominique Johnson at A Touch of Paris Gallery in Grapevine and became a student of the science of color.  I loved the buttery texture of working with oils to create a painting that glowed with color.

When I am not working on a piece or project, I love to work in my art journal or even in my Bible with inks, collage and other mediums.  Working in an art journal has been a great way for me to keep my artistic juices flowing and also provide inspiration I can use later in my work.