Monday, March 14, 2011

Old Paint, New Art

So far, I've shared artwork which had mostly been done between 2005 and 2010.  I've really enjoyed revisiting my older paintings and documenting what I was learning as I did them...but now that I am caught up, I am equally glad to be at a point where I am looking forward...which brings us to 2011!  The rest of Paint on My Walls, is going to be about the art I'm doing now instead of looking back at art I did in the past...  Look at it like this...Up to this point I showed you art in my "BC" (Blog Catch-up) time period... and from this point on, I'll be sharing my "AD" (After Depression ) artwork.

Three Trees At Night
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic collage on Canvas
9" x 12"
I'm definitely not a daily painter yet, so I won't be posting a new painting every day like I have in the past.  But, I will be painting.... and as each one gets done, or maybe as it is in process, I'll share it.  The journey continues.

This painting is a recent painting I just finished this week entitled Three Trees At Night.  It is an appropriate illustration of the trials I've gone through over the last three years.  The three trees are actually made of dried acrylic paint I found when I was cleaning up my studio. I chipped off layers of hardened paint off my easel.  It was difficult to pry up... but as it came off in thick pieces, I noted that the texture reminded me of tree trunks.  I almost threw it all in the trash, but decided to try making trees with it instead and this painting was the result.  I love it because it is an example of how something that would have normally been thrown away became a beautiful work of art.  That's how I feel about the depression I went through.  It was ugly and hard, but God, my master artist, has used it to create a beautiful part of who I am in Him.  I am His masterpiece.