Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Listening to the COLORS

"I Am Enough"
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 36"

I was preparing this canvas for a large forest painting.  You can see where I was going to put the sky and the darkest colors below which would be the forest floor.  I got this far and left it to dry before adding the trees.... I kept putting off adding the trees to this one and kept just looking at it for a few days.  Somehow, I just couldn't bring myself to paint more on it.  It felt like the colors were crying out saying, "I am enough... I am enough."  I wrestled with adding more to the painting for a another day and  then I decided to listen.  I left it this way and  hung it up in my living room.   I'm so glad I listened to the colors.... I think they were right... They really are enough.