Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to make your own Hand Made Art Journal

3 pages folded and sewn together.
Do this 5 times to create 5 booklets.
Book Supplies: 
*15 pages of heavy water color paper cut or folded and torn to 9" by 11" dimensions 
( fold them in half to create the shape of a book 4 1/2" by 5 1/2 " and put them in groups of 3)
5 booklets taped together to form
one art journal book.  You are ready
to make the cover!
 * Waxed linen thread and a needle (Use the     needle and thread to sew them together at        the fold to create 5 little booklets)
 * Binding tape (Slip the tape through the           thread on the outside spine of each booklet     and hold them all together.

Adhesive Canvas
can be found at art supply
stores in many sized.   For
this project, use 11" x 14 "
Cover Supplies:
*1 adhesive backed piece of canvas 
size 11" by 14" 
* Water colors ( or other paint )
* Brushes
* Masking fluid (optional)
* Stencils ( used these to plan my designs
but they are optional.)
* Ruler (before you paint the canvas, 
use the ruler to mark off where the binding,
the front cover and the back cover will be.)
Paint your canvas with whatever paint
you like.  I used some masking fluid,
water color crayon and markers for mine.
Notice that there is extra room on the top
and bottom edges that will not show.  It
will get folded over when you cover
the book.
* Scissors
* Sharpies

Finished Art Journal!
Once the cover is dry and your
booklets are sewn and taped together;
simply cover the book.
Use scissors to trim corners.