Monday, July 11, 2011

A busy weekend

I must confess, I have been very busy this weekend, and quite lax in my posting, but I am so happy to announce one thing did finally get accomplished.  The first page of my website is up!  More to come on that hopefully soon.

The art show Saturday night was extremely energizing and I enjoyed friends old and new who came.  The art will still be up for viewing  July 9 through August 13, Tuesdays through Saturdays 1 - 5PM at the MCL Grand Art Gallery 100 N. Charles St. in the heart of Old Town Lewisville.  

The rest of my free time was spent trying to plan for the 2nd art class coming up this Wednesday.  The first class was last Wednesday and it has gotten off to a great start despite my being totally flustered by so many unexpected arrivals.  

What does this say about our culture? 4 students signed up ahead of time. I planned for a few extra guessing on 7 students for the first evening. I actually had 11 in the class (3 had to do a different project and a mother and daughter had to share because I hadn't bought enough materials for them all) and I had to turn an additional 9 more away who asked if it was alright for them to come at the last minute.  Stressful to say the least.  I did my best to accommodate everyone the best I could.  Once they got working, it went well and they all did a great job on their projects.  A challenge, yes, but a rewarding one and I was so thankful for everyone who was there.  I loved showing them how to make their crosses and seeing them create something beautiful. 

No pictures today.  I'm a little tired.