Friday, April 8, 2011

Creating and Naming

     In this one, I set up where I would have darks at the bottom right corner to anchor the painting and lights above.

    In the 2nd photo I know I am creating a forest with lots of color, but I don't have a name in mind yet.  I just concentrated on adding in more color... especially the streaming lines of buttery yellows going diagonally from right to left and top to bottom to represent sunlight filtering down through the tree tops.  You can also see how I filled in the bottom white spaces with darker warm tones and the upper half with cools.

    This 3rd photo shows how I anchored the trees into the ground of the painting...using a palate knife and lots of white paint.  I left it like this on my easel for about a week.  I kept walking by it thinking it needed more...something...but more of what?  
    Another day or so an then I did this (below). Five more trees and lots of branches pointing up, and more leaves on the ground. It felt done and I was satisfied. I called this painting "Color Trees".  This process of creating and naming is what makes painting fulfilling to me.  

Color Trees
by Cheryl Harris White
24" x 18"
Acrylic on Canvas