Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1000 Gifts 741-760

741) Christmas Eve service next to my Dad
742) Squeezing his 86 year old hand when Isack sang O Holy Night
743) Silent tears
744) Singing hearts
745) Laughing while stuffing stockings
746) Another wonderful Rockwall Christmas
747) Barbara's birthday lunch at PFChang's with all our family
748) Watching people receive gifts 
749) Watching my nephews play legos and mousetrap
750) New Pajamas
751) Seeing my kids play dominoes with their grandparents
752) Peace in my home and my family
753) When Ian said, "An angel would kind of be like seeing a dinosaur, but with light shining all out of it."
754) Titus and Libby playing
755) Caleb and Titus bonding
756) A four day work week
757) Inspiration for second season painting
758) Time to work on it
759) Light
760) Music