Monday, April 21, 2014

First Place Asel Award Winner

I was honored to win recognition for one of my Posey paintings this month at the Visual Art League of Lewisville Monthly Meeting.   It is a group of such talented and varied artists whom I have had the privilege of learning and working with.  Many of them have realized amazing artistic achievements and I just LOVE the inspiration that comes from coversations I have had with each of them.  

This piece was done with acrylic and collage.  I actually tore up a hymn book for some of the flowers and glued them to the surface with mixed media adhesive.  I really liked how the old hymnal pages soaked up the paint.  

This was a mixed media technique I actually learned from Misty Oliver's Art Journaling workshop and I just tried applying it on a canvas board on a whim.  It turned out beautifully.

This painting along with 10 others are currently on display in Spontaneous II - A Three Person show in the North wing of the MCL Grand.  Free to the public and open Tuesday through Saturdays, 1-5PM from now through May 24th.  
Posies in a Pot I
First Place Asel Award Winner
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic Collage
11" x 13"

Posies in a Pot II
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic Collage
11" x 13"

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Crosses, Glorious Reminders of Life and Love

Easter to me is the most precious day of the year. It’s the day the first believers discovered the tomb was empty, after Jesus had suffered and died on the cross and had been put inside it three days earlier.  Easter is a day to thank God, who had enough love for us to allow his son to be executed to cover our sins.  It was the only price great enough to allow us, imperfect people to connect with God, Holy, Perfect, Loving, All Knowing God.  Depending on the pain and experiences humans have had during their trek through life here on earth, the cross can symbolize different things, some of them negative, especially if one only knows part of the story.  I know the end of the story.  The same resurrection power that raised Christ from the depths of the tomb  is waiting for me when my journey here on earth ends.  So, to me, the cross is not a symbol of death or pain, it is a glorious reminder of life and love.  I celebrate that here with these colorful Easter crosses.   

Acrylic Collage Easter Crosses
Various sizes, between 8" and 16" tall

“God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8 NASB
 The crosses are all made of wood.  To make them I painted the back's black and on some of them had to attach a nail hanger.  The fronts are done with a collage of actual dried acrylic paint that I peeled off my palates and saved.  The palate paint would have other wise just been thrown away and wasted, but instead, I have given it new life.  I used Mixed Media adhesive as the medium which is very messy, but the end result is a smooth shiney finish that really makes the colors pop.  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Art Post Cards

I think it is so important to feed your creativity as an artist, and creating a post card is a great way to do that quickly and inexpensively.  They are small, so if you don't have a lot of studio time, it is a great way to feel like you have accomplished something artistic which is not only beautiful, but also useful.    I purchased blank post cards made of heavy water color paper at Asel Art Supply.  They have a new location in Denton by the way!  You can use water color or any paint on them if you want, but these were done with India Ink and they are lovely.

3 Steps to Bluegrass Bronco

Last night we had a spectacular turn out for the opening reception of our Wild's of Texas show.  I enjoyed meeting so many new people and catching up with my fellow artists.  One of the questions I got at the show was about the process of creating one of my pieces.  So, here it is, step by step incase anyone wants to try their hand at their own artistic creation.  

Step one (bottom) After I gessoed the canvas and laid on a layer of acrylic with a sea sponge, I planned my design.  I use chalk because it is easy to remove and change.
Step two (middle) I filled in the spaces with color and some highlights.  I taped off the point where the horse's hooves hit the ground and used the edge of a palate knife to add splashes of paint.  This anchored my horse to the ground.
Step three (top) I continued with layers of color and outlined with Bob Ross Liquid Black Acrylic.  The thick black lines added drama and created a feel of quick motion for the painting.
This is currently on display in the gallery at the MCL Grand Lewisville for the rest of April and May 2014.  Enjoy!
Bluegrass Bronco
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic on Canvas

Step 2 for Bluegrass Bronco

Step 1 for Bluegrass Bronco

Friday, April 11, 2014

Texas Opening Reception April 12, 7PM to 9PM MCL Grand in Lewisville

by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic and Collage on Canvas
12" x 36"

Hope to see you tomorrow night if you are local at the opening reception of the Wilds of Texas show at the MCL Grand Art Gallery, April 12th 7:00 PM to 9:00PM.  I will have 3 pieces in the show.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2nd Place Asel Award Winner! Sour Apple Bronco

Each month I attend a local Arts group meeting at the Visual Art League of Lewisville.  I love the different variety of artists that attend and have found it to be a great way to learn more about what inspires other artists to create their work.  I was honored to win 2nd place in their Asel Art Award contest last month with this painting of my Sour Apple Bronco.  It will be shown soon in the upcoming Wild's of Texas Art Show.  More details to follow soon.