Monday, May 2, 2011

Being friends with ME

This one is a companion painting with last Monday's painting (April 25th). Same subject, same color palate, just a little bit different.  I guess everyone needs a good friend they have a lot in common with...even paintings.  I think they look great together.

I've thought a lot about my friendships lately. I cherish the friends I have made throughout my life, but I don't really think I make friends very quickly.  When I meet a new person I usually like them or dislike them right away, but it takes me a LONG time to figure out if we will be really good friends or not....some quicker than others, but it has always taken me time.  I actually like the time it takes me to grow a friendship with a person.  Developing relationships slowly feels like a worthwhile long term investment creating value over time.  I think that is why I like painting trees so much.  They are slow growing, but strong and dependable and the roots go deep. That is the kind of friend I like to be to people.       

For both of these, I used a palate knife and lots of thick paint.

Rain Path Birch
by Cheryl White
Acrylic on Canvas
11" x 16"