Saturday, October 10, 2015

We Are God's Artists

It saddens me a bit when I see Christians push art out the door of our churches like it is bad tattoo or offensive T-Shirt logo.  I don't know why some humans are more creative than others.  What makes a person an artist, really?  I'm not sure, but I do believe that our creativity comes from God.   He is the Creator of all life and the entire universe after all.  And in Genesis chapter 1, we read that WE are created in God's image.  All of us.  It's what separates us from all the rest of creation. The birds, the animals and the plants were created and then they were called good.  Then man... created in the image of God and called Very Good.  We humans, the image bearers, the creative ones.  We are God's artists. 

I have recently found yet another outlet for my creativity; Bible Journaling.  I love to write when I learn new things,  so I have always been one of those people with highlighter and notes all over my Bible, but this takes it to a whole new level.  I began by using supplies I already had used in art journaling; colored pencils, Water proof calligraphy pens, India ink, stamps, markers and stickers... and my Bible.  I found some great ideas from other Bible Journal posters online and got started.  

Some people may find it shocking to draw and paint in a Bible.  If you don't like it, I promise, I won't write and paint in yours... but I will definitely keep doing it in mine.  For one, I have enjoyed reading my Bible more since I started doing this, and I remember what a read much better.  Second,  whether painting on a stage or a canvas or in my Bible,  I  keep doing it,  because when I CREATE ART, I feel God's pleasure.