Saturday, February 1, 2014

Art At The Speed Of Life Lesson 19

From Pam Carriker's book Creating Art At The Speed Of Life Lesson 19

The goal in this exercise was to bury and then unearth words through layers of collage.  I chose text from an add about paint colors.  All the words were describing vivid colors and the emotions they evoke.  Then, using layers of diluted acrylic paint, and pencil and ink, I created forms from the scraps of text.  The gray color palate reminded me of depression and the way it buried the colors that were originally there.  It was like a slow painful death of emotion, color, light and life.  I titled this journal page, "Searching".  There were a few color words that still showed clearly through the layers of mist and I highlighted them.  When I look at this page, it makes me thankful that I have gone through depression, because on the other side of that experience all the colors are even more vivid and alive than before.
Art Journal Page
by Cheryl Harris White
Mixed Media