Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New York City Collage

This one was for my daughter Courtney.  She has been to New York several times and LOVES Broadway.  Some of the scraps from theater flyers and maps from her trips were used in this collage as well as magazine articles and paper scraps.  Combining them with the paint really captures the excitement of the city.  More like this to come. Enjoy!

New York City
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic Collage on Canvas
24" x 36"

Four Square Birch Oil Paintings

These 4 oil paintings remind me of confetti.  The trees seem happy to me, like they are having a party in the woods to celebrate the coming of spring.

Oil on canvas board
Framed in Black
8"x8" each
$40.00 each
Top Left  is Square Birch I,
Top Right is Square Birch II,
Bottom Left is Square Birch III,
Bottom Right is Square Birch IV,

Spontaneous II - Three Artist Show at MCL Grand in Lewisville throughout May, 2014

Left to Right:  Myself, Cheryl Harris White,  Scott Kilgore, Vanessa Lee
Spontaneous II Artists
“Spontaneous II” by the Visual Art League of Lewisville
April 19 – May 24
Spontaneous II Exhibit 150A collaboration of the member artists of the Visual Art League of Lewisville will be on display in the North Wing Gallery of the MCL Grand from Saturday, April 19 – Saturday, May 24.  The exhibit will feature art work from Cheryl White, Vanessa Lee White and Scott A. Kilgore.  Cheryl White is a versatile artist who uses acrylic, oil, mixed media and collage. Vanessa Lee White is a photographer working in abstract and sculptural photography and Scott A. Kilgore is a photographer with an eclectic mix of photography from nature to sports cars. For more information on the Visual Art League of Lewisville visit
Photo credit: Vanessa Lee White, Cheryl White, Scott A. Kilgore