Thursday, March 10, 2011

Local Artists Show 2008

I was invited to participate in this Art show at Premier Gallery.  This was a fun event, but getting ready for it was quite a challenge.  Each artist had room for about 5 or more paintings to for display and the pressure of getting ready was  a lot for me after just one year before having a serious bout with depression.

I remember the support I had received from so many of my friends. When I shared with them the pressure I was under and was honest with them about my  fears and insecurities about being in this show, they prayed for me, encouraged me and sent me some of the most wonderful emails.I  was so encouraged by my friends who not only prayed for me but also came.  I especially enjoyed one of my room mates from college, Donna who came with her family.

The painting yesterday, and this one I just found today were in the show. . . and coming up, I'll post a few more paintings that were there as well, one of which won a special award! This one below, didn't win an award, but is a pretty red tree.   I painted this at VAL right after I was coming out of my depression Pit mentioned earlier.... It was kind of like therapy to just hit the canvas with a brush full of red paint  I said before how much I LOVE  red.  It is kind of a modern picture,  not what I usually paint,  but it was fun to do and such a cheerful bright spot in the display.  This painting was also a part of the Pride and Prejudice display at Greater Lewisville Community Theater.

Red Tree
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 24"