Friday, April 29, 2011

1000 Gifts 41-60

An Artists List of 1000 Gifts continued...

41. An entire day with nothing on my calendar
42. Easter morning Sunrise Service at CBC
43. Rain
44. Art enthusiasts putting wind in my sails
45. Frames for my crosses feel like giving them a home
46. A daughter's friend
47. A son's heart
48. Husband 's steadfast faith
49. and a frap date
50. and his home roasted coffee beans!
51. April
52. the color green
53. frequent phone chats with Dad far away
54. Visits with friends close
55. Conversations I leave feeling glad I've had
56. Caleb's hair cut day
57. An art workshop helper
58.  A job offer extended that I didn't accept
59. Art show invitation that I did accept
60. And a pretty good day at work