Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Round Lake Woods in Progress

Phase 1 of Round Lake Woods
Round Lake, Minnesota is a place I've been visiting all my life.  My mother camped there as a child, and took us back often when we were growing up.  When my mom's cancer became terminal, that is where she wanted to spend the rest of her days, and that is exactly what my parents did.   My folks bought property on the lake and we went there often as adults to visit and I started bringing my own kids there.  My mom is now buried at the Round Lake Cemetery and the home they had there has been sold, but Round Lake is still there.

Round Lake Woods
by Cheryl Harris White
Acrylic on canvas
18" x 16"
The lake is spring fed and almost perfectly round and has a sandy bottom.  The water is so cold and pure and all around the lake are small cottages and lake houses surrounded by tall pines and birch trees.   I'm going to be posting some art this week celebrating  the memories I have of that place.

This is really one painting.  I did phase one first and just painted the leaves and sky above and woodsy floor below.  The 2nd photo is  the finished painting and it shows the trees I added with a palate knife.  This is my first attempt so I've hung this one in my guest bathroom to be revisited later.  More to come.