Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

Fire Poppies
Mountain Poppies
Poppies for Millie

In the Poppy Paint Series....   The winner is..... Poppies For Millie!  Owned by Millie Welsh

Rose of Sharron
Something To Celebrate


Three Crosses, A Story Told in  Art 

In the Cross Series....   The winner is..... Three Crosses, A Story Told in  Art  

Three Trees At Night
Fire Tree
Color Tree

Nine Birch

Six Birch

Trees On Blue and Red

Rain Path Birch
Eight Birch

June Forest
Confetti Forest

Aspens For The Olsons

In the Tree Series....   The winner is..... Aspens For
The Olsons

The Art of Gratitude


Last Supper

In the Bible Series....   The winner is..... The Art of Gratitude
owned by Ann Horner

Thank you all for participating in this journey with me in 2011. I am inspired and motivated by all of your comments and encouragement and look forward to more to come in 2012.  Up first in the new year will be more from my Four Seasons Paintings... The next one will be Spring.  Coming soon....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1000 Gifts 741-760

741) Christmas Eve service next to my Dad
742) Squeezing his 86 year old hand when Isack sang O Holy Night
743) Silent tears
744) Singing hearts
745) Laughing while stuffing stockings
746) Another wonderful Rockwall Christmas
747) Barbara's birthday lunch at PFChang's with all our family
748) Watching people receive gifts 
749) Watching my nephews play legos and mousetrap
750) New Pajamas
751) Seeing my kids play dominoes with their grandparents
752) Peace in my home and my family
753) When Ian said, "An angel would kind of be like seeing a dinosaur, but with light shining all out of it."
754) Titus and Libby playing
755) Caleb and Titus bonding
756) A four day work week
757) Inspiration for second season painting
758) Time to work on it
759) Light
760) Music

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Re-Post of A Worthy Christmas Painting

Beautiful Star
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 48"
by Cheryl Harris White

This is a re-post of one of my favorite Christmas paintings I have done so far.  It is currently on display at CAM Center Dallas.  I just wanted to repost it here today to wish a Merry Christmas to my blogger family. May you be filled with the wonder of Our Savior's birth this season.

Friday, December 23, 2011

1000 Gifts 721 - 740

721) The inspiration for Winter Tree
722) Glue
723) Magazines
724) Bold colors
725) Being connected to others
726) Time passing
727) Raising teenagers
728) patience
729) waiting
730) slow, but steady growth

731) kindred spirits
732) empathy
733) understanding
734) memories
735) being grounded and rooted
736) deep roots
737) clean air
738) sleep
739) short days
740) long lasting relationships

Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Tree ... One of Four

"Winter Tree"
Acrylic and Paper Collage on Canvas
12" x 24"
by Cheryl Harris White
Not For Sale

This piece is one of a set of four I just started.  It was also a specific answer to a prayer for inspiration.  I combined words and colors from magazines along with acrylic paint to create this one.

"Of all the moments we gather in our lives, Those we cherish are the moments shared." is on one of the roots.  Wonder, Color, Lush are on the others.  Spreading up the trunk are the words Kindred Spirits and Understanding.  I liked the idea these concepts are the foundation of something lasting and beautiful and that is what I tried to re create in this painting.

Stay tuned for the next three.  Each one will illustrate a different season.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

1000 Gifts 701-720

701) Breath prayers
702) Nourishment
703) Sparrows 
704) Christmas shopping with Duke
705) Our family having game night
706) Spending all day painting on Saturday
707) I can't wait to share it soon
708) Being inspired
709) Time
710) Candlelight
711) Seeing my kids wrapping presents
712) Caramel flavored coffee
713) Giving
714) Hugs
715) Puppy paw prints on the floor
716) Seasons
718) Change
719) Growth
720) Wet leaves on the sidewalk

Sunday, December 11, 2011

1000 Gifts 681-700

681) Hearing Fifty voices harmonizing while belting Christmas Carols...
682) and being one of them
683) Dan's Christmas Devotional
684) Sharing a meal with friends I've known since we lived in Lubbock
685) Knowing that there is a Courtney shaped void in the world and that it is up to God to help her find it.  

686) Watching Caleb pitch
687) Seeing his smile when he walked off the mound
688) An amazing day watching boys play baseball sitting among friends...
689) A perfectly crisp blue sky
690) Catching up with old friends 
691) 13 year old boys who love playing baseball
692)  A 16 year old girl's confidence and strength
693)  Clarity after the fog
694)  Coffee in a thermos
695)  Everyone running around trying to figure out how the puppy keeps getting out

696) Bells on the doorknob
697) Scampering paws on the wood floor
698) Wrapping presents
699) Philip Yancy's book on Prayer
700) The sounds of  house waking up in the morning

Saturday, December 3, 2011

1000 Gifts 661-680

661) Hearing Caleb laugh when he's playing with his puppy
662) Rain dripping down the window pane
663) Fresh roasted Coffee
664) Folded laundry
665) Christmas plates
666) Art in my home
667) Festive tissue paper
668) Gift wrapping
669) Perfect rolls hot from the oven
670) Warmth

671) Learning what it means to treasure someone
672) Catching up with friends rarely seen any longer
673) A note from my Aunt reminding me of my childhood
674) Joy
675) Wet golden leaves
676) Glowing candles
677) Less pain 
678) Energy
679) Efficiency
680) Inspiration