Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Art Goes to Russia

Giving and Recieving
by Cheryl White
Acrylic on 2 Canvases, each 21" x 17"
for Church in Tula, Russia

This is a two part piece I did for a church in Tula, Russia.  It was a gift from our church to theirs when a group from  CBC  went there on a mission trip.  The two connected paintings symbolized our connection with them as fellow believers. Reminding us that even though we are located on two separate continents, we are unified in Christ as one body of believers and a share a bond that will last for all eternity.  This was a really fun painting to do and it encouraged me so much to know they liked it. I love that even though I didn't go on the trip, my art did, and even stayed behind...and so through doing this painting, I am a part of their journey, and they are a part of mine.