Friday, July 1, 2011

1000 Gifts 221-240

An Artist's List Continues...

Friday July 1st, 2011

221) Caleb and Duke getting to play baseball in Florida
222) Sleep
223) Our family of four missing each other when some are away
224) Coming home
225) Birthday dinners
226) Father's day in Rockwall
227) Walking into a room of women and leaving a room of sisters
228) My weaknesses that allow others room to shine
229) A broadened perspective
230) Eyes that see what I need to see
231) Sharing a spinach omelette
232) Courtney's dog sitting job
233) Community service
234) Court helping at VAL art show
235) Mother / daughter time
236) A part time job
237) The beautiful sky full of shining clouds I saw on my way to work this morning.
238) Giggling
239) Keeping a secret safe
240) Peace in my home