Friday, March 23, 2012

Sow with Tears, Reap with Joy 1000 Gifts 981 - 1000

Reap with Joy
Journal Page inspired by Psalms 126:5-6
by Cheryl Harris White

I loved how this one turned out.  I found this picture in a magazine and matched the colors from the background with water color.  Then I used black water color and tilted my sketchbook up to let them run.  On the left I listed things that bring tears and on the right listed things that bring Joy. . . 

My List of 1000 Gifts Continued....

981) Watching Caleb's team play baseball with Barbara and Tommy                                                                                 
982) Sunshine on the weekend
983) Courtney's confidence in her decisions
984) Caleb's determination 
985) A comfy reading chair in my art studio
986) A great night of discussion with my book study group
987) More ideas than I have time to paint
988) Courtney's beautiful singing
989) True friends
990) Caleb's high five
991) Learning something new every time I go to art class
992) Flowers growing in our yard
993) Taking a stand for what I believe is right
994) A 30 minute nap at lunch time today
995) Character when faced with a difficult choice
996) Resolve to change for the better
997) Purpose at work
998) Spiritual Direction
999) Significance in Christ
1000) Looking at the life I have and feeling an overwhelming sense of awe, gratefulness, and joy.