Monday, November 28, 2011

1000 Gifts 641-660

641)  Thanksgiving memories in Rockwall
642)  Kids helping set the table

643)  Visits from old friends
644)  Noticing how fast kids grow

645)  Talking about college with my daughter
646) Talking baseball with my son

647) A 4 day weekend
648)  Thanksgiving 

649)  Duke's amazing pecan pie
650) Crisp air smelling like wet leaves

651)  Staying home
652) Not shopping on Black Friday

653) The sound of our puppy running on the wood floor
654) My phone going through the washer and not having to answer it now

655) Making a Christmas ornament
656) Post lighting our pre-lit tree with Duke

657) Decorating for Christmas
658) Seeing my kids make wise and good choices

659) Liking my kid's choices in friends
660) Looking at my home and family and feeling my heart about to burst with thankfulness