Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Conversation With My Canvas

For three weeks I have not painted... 
My well was dry and creativity would not flow.  

I waited... 

       and dead silence... 

nothing gushed forth to the surface.  

I could not force a drop, and the barren canvas sat lonely on my easel.  

                                       It cried out to me...

I know 
    I must.... 

         But what?    

                  What is worth painting?

Trees?  Just trees again?

                 Yes my Spiritual sister says... 
                                 "Paint the Aspens".

Yes, You will become ART... soon.
                             And you, all my friends, 
                                              Like my easel, You also have been waiting. 
Waiting for a post with a painting.  
I hear and you will have it soon  I am inspired and paint is flowing, and soon 
                            you shall see The Aspens!