Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For His Glory

For His Glory
by Cheryl White
Acrylic on Canvas 17" x  22"
First Place, Denton State Fair 2006
Division C, Acrylic Media
For His Glory inspired by the architecture of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain.  

After gorging myself with a feast for the eyes on Gaudi's unique, creative and bold use of color, pattern and style, my heart was drawn to our glorious creator, God in heaven, Lord of heaven and earth.  To me, this painting is a gentle reminder that nothing we create in our finite human abilities can truly purely glorify God.. but, if that is not at least our goal, then all is in vain.  It is not what we do or do not do that fails to glorify God... It is who we are.  

As an artist I can try my best to glorify Him, with futile results . . .  As His child, I have hope of ultimate success.