Sunday, December 11, 2011

1000 Gifts 681-700

681) Hearing Fifty voices harmonizing while belting Christmas Carols...
682) and being one of them
683) Dan's Christmas Devotional
684) Sharing a meal with friends I've known since we lived in Lubbock
685) Knowing that there is a Courtney shaped void in the world and that it is up to God to help her find it.  

686) Watching Caleb pitch
687) Seeing his smile when he walked off the mound
688) An amazing day watching boys play baseball sitting among friends...
689) A perfectly crisp blue sky
690) Catching up with old friends 
691) 13 year old boys who love playing baseball
692)  A 16 year old girl's confidence and strength
693)  Clarity after the fog
694)  Coffee in a thermos
695)  Everyone running around trying to figure out how the puppy keeps getting out

696) Bells on the doorknob
697) Scampering paws on the wood floor
698) Wrapping presents
699) Philip Yancy's book on Prayer
700) The sounds of  house waking up in the morning