Friday, January 20, 2012

1000 Gifts - 801 to 820

801) Guessing riddles
802) A day spent at home just with my son
803) Kiwis
804) A cleaned off desk
805) Listening to some of the wisest women I have ever met discussing the subject of prayer
806) My mom once prayed to become pregnant for 20 years and I was the answer that God gave her.  She was over 40 when she bore her first child. I was her gift.
807) My daughter once prayed for 20 seconds that her brother would win his soccer game and her prayer was answered in 20 minutes.  It was the only game his team won all season, and my son made the goal. Seeing her mustard seed size faith grow, was my gift.
808) My mom learned patience and long suffering
809) My daughter learned that God really is there and that He listens to every care upon our hearts, no matter how small.
810) Knowing that there is nothing too small or too big for God to care about.
811) My husband's servant heart
812) My oil painting lessons.
813) Playing with our cute puppy on my lunch break
814) Medicine making my ear aches go away
815) A beautiful January day
816) I like actually seeing the whole shape of the trees this time of year.
817) Sharing my thoughts and art with you
818) Birthdays
819) How happy my dog is to see us
820) A voice mail from my sister