Friday, February 10, 2012

1000 Gifts 861-880

These were done with very thick oil paint being spread with a palate knife. I definitely had more fun painting Poppies with oil paint than acrylic. 
Five Poppies
by Cheryl Harris White
Oil on With Palate Knife
On Canvas Board
9 " x 12"

Continuing my list of1000 Gifts 861-880

861)  Seeing things I want to paint
862)  People under umbrellas
863)  A pink glow in the sky at the end of the day 
864)  A child's laughter
865)  Canadian geese
866)  Pink lady apples
867)  Juicy pears
868)  Catching up with old friends
869)  Crisp air 
870)  Walks
871)  Tulips
872)  Poppies
873)  Pansies
874)  A daughter who sings
875)  A son who plays baseball
876)  Recovery 
877) The stories of Madeline
878) and The Velveteen Rabbit
879) Mist shrouded trees 
880) Music in the morning