Thursday, March 1, 2012

Art Journal and 1000 gifts 921 - 940

In March, I'll be posting some of my favorite art journal pages.  To do these, I use pretty much anything on hand...watercolor, oil pastels, collage, stickers, stencils, stamping, marker, colored pencils.  For me, a journal page is inspired by something I am learning or studying, usually from the Bible, but sometimes just a poem or even a quote or thought that is meaningful to me.  It is a creative outlet combining journaling with a visual image or reminder of what is impacting to me, what I am praying about, or struggling with.  There are lots of blogs and websites devoted strictly to art journals and I found most of them inspiring.  I think anyone can benefit from keeping some form of a journal,  I just prefer to do mine visually.  So, just for March, I'll be sharing some photos of a few of my recent art journal efforts.

Art Journal Page
Mixed Media
by Cheryl Harris White

The background is a combination of water color crayon and blue and brown paper.  I dipped my foot in red paint and stepped on the page and accidentally splattered a bit.  Then I decided I liked the red spatters and did more on purpose.  I really liked adding the road at the bottom.  It was a sticker I found in my old scrapbooking supplies.  The center is a picture of Vincent Van Gogh's Japanese Bridge in the Rain 1887.  This page encouraged me to start something big, even though at first it seemed overwhelming.

My list of 1000 Gifts continued...

Friday, March 2nd, 2011  

921) Duke back after his long trip away
922) Last lunch with my Dad before he drove back home
923) High five with an 86 year old hand and mine
924) Art journaling with my daughter
925) Shivering through the first scrimmage of the baseball season 
926) The look on my baseball son's face after playing
927) Surprise visits
928) Sharing my art with others
929) A job so close to my home
930) The smell of spring starting in my backyard
931) Helping my dad tape up his car window
932) Getting to eat chocolate without a migraine
933) The absence of constant pain
934) A sky full of red
935) Sitting outside on a bench in the middle of a beautiful day watching Titus
936) Bulbs
937) Birds singing
938) Just enough being more than enough
939) Decent report cards
940) Seeing life as a journey