Friday, March 9, 2012

If I am a SHEEP and 1000 Gifts 941-960

If I am a sheep
Journal Page Collage
inspired by Isaiah 53:6
by Cheryl Harris White

I thought this turned out really cool.  That's all I'll say about this one... and here is some more of my list! ALMOST to 1000!

941) Waking from a delicious sleep
942) Bulbs
943) Pansies
944) The first pink rose of the season
945) Work
946) Rest
947) Grass
948) Isaiah
949) Being loved
950) Belonging
951) Father and son talking 
952) A gorgeous day outside
953) Goals
954) My family working as a team
955) Hot water
956) Digging and planting in good dirt
957) Water in the bird bath
958) Flowers in the earth
959) Geraniums
960) Sore muscles