Sunday, February 2, 2014

Art At The Speed Of Life Lesson 20

In Pam Carriker's book Creating Art At The Speed Of Life Lesson 20, the goal was to create a page with cubist style shapes.  I chose to use hands as in her example but to assign each of the three hands to represent people in relationship with me.  Mine is the yellow hand, my mom was the orange hand and my daughter was the green hand.  I loved using washes of water color on already printed papers and then layering diluted paint on top to create the forms on this page.

I remember my mom's hands and the things they made.  She painted with watercolor.  She sewed doll clothes.  She quilted.  She made curtains.  She created the most amazing birthday parties for us growing up.  She used her hands well...  A gift I want to pass on to my daughter and those I love.  I create with my hands and it impacts the world around me.  With my hands, I leave my mark.
I Remember My Mom's Hands
Art Journal Page
by Cheryl Harris White
Mixed Media