Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

Fire Poppies
Mountain Poppies
Poppies for Millie

In the Poppy Paint Series....   The winner is..... Poppies For Millie!  Owned by Millie Welsh

Rose of Sharron
Something To Celebrate


Three Crosses, A Story Told in  Art 

In the Cross Series....   The winner is..... Three Crosses, A Story Told in  Art  

Three Trees At Night
Fire Tree
Color Tree

Nine Birch

Six Birch

Trees On Blue and Red

Rain Path Birch
Eight Birch

June Forest
Confetti Forest

Aspens For The Olsons

In the Tree Series....   The winner is..... Aspens For
The Olsons

The Art of Gratitude


Last Supper

In the Bible Series....   The winner is..... The Art of Gratitude
owned by Ann Horner

Thank you all for participating in this journey with me in 2011. I am inspired and motivated by all of your comments and encouragement and look forward to more to come in 2012.  Up first in the new year will be more from my Four Seasons Paintings... The next one will be Spring.  Coming soon....