Friday, January 6, 2012

1000 Gifts 761-780

761) The changing seasons
762) Things that grow
763) The bright white blooming paper white narcissus blooming in my kitchen
764) Pink winter roses on the rose bushes by my door
765) Rythems of nature
766) Bulbs sleeping in the earth 
767) Getting ready for school to begin again
768) New dishes
769) Finding one last christmas gift that had been forgotten under the tree
770) Playing games and laughing with friends on new years eve 
771) Everybody home sick, but at least we are together
772) Rest
773) Hot bean soup
774) Last visit with Dad before he flew home to Minnesota
775) My kids playing with their cousins
776) My son holding his puppy 
777) My daughter making her own brave decisions
778) Words cut out of magazines
779) Inspiration for Spring Tree
780) My second painting of four almost ready